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Our Mission is to provide our clients with a stress free process from start to end.

With a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ financial details we are able to provide mortgage qualifications during the very first phone call.

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How it Works

More About MKG Mortgages

We can assist with these applications

At MKG we support many types of applications such as: purchase, refinancing, pre-approval or pre construction, and equity take out or debt consolidation.

  • Residential Mortgages
  • Second Mortgages
  • Commercial Financing
  • Private Financing

What it looks like

  • Initial Call - Our agents will have a discovery call to understand your full financial picture, this includes assessing credit score, understanding how much of a down payment is available and income levels.
  • Documentation Submission - This can include income confirmation, bank statements and information of the property being purchased of refinanced.
  • Underwriting - Documents and the clients full financial details are submitted to a lending institution to receive a lending approval.
  • Appraisal - An appraisal of the property may also be required to assess the property’s market value
  • Approval - If the underwriting and appraisal process is successful the lender approves the mortgage loan and a commitment letter will be issued outlining the terms and conditions of the loan

What sets apart MKG?

MKG has access to an extensive network of lenders, including banks, credit unions, and alternative lending. This enables us to thoroughly search for the most competitive interest rate and mortgage solution that is customized to your specific circumstances, saving you the hassle of doing so yourself. MKG is recognized for its quick turn around time, responsiveness and professionalism. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate investor, MKG welcomes the opportunity to engage, offering valuable second opinions and expert advice. We uphold complete transparency, ensuring that clients always remain updated about the status of their application process. At MKG, our unwavering commitment to prioritizing client needs shines through in our provision of straightforward and dependable guidance.

  • Quick Turn-Around TIme
  • Excellence & Professionalism
  • Knowledgable Experts
  • Unwavering Commitment

Who is MKG?

Mandeep Khaneka, known as Micky, possesses a wealth of expertise in the financial sector, amassing over 15 years of experience in the field. His professional journey includes a distinguished tenure at one of Canada's prominent financial institutions, where he honed his skills. Today, as the proprietor of MKG Mortgages, he leads a thriving team dedicated to the realm of real estate lending. His client base has rapidly grown through word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients. Micky’s unwavering dedication to his clients has been repeatedly acknowledged through numerous annual awards, serving as a testament to his outstanding contributions. He is relied upon by a wide spectrum of real estate professionals and clients and is known to be trusted, knowledgeable and reliable.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, all our consultations are free with the sole aim to provide you with information that would assist you in making an informed decision.

Current employment details, monthly liabilities, total savings. The more we know about your current financial situation, the better we can guide you in finding the right product.

During our initial call we will be able to provide an approximate amount you could qualify for. If choosing to proceed with the approval process, depending on the lender , it can typically take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days. Depending on the circumstances, we are able to request priority rush reviews for a faster turnaround time. 

There are several factors that determine mortgage eligibility such as income, credit, down payment and monthly liabilities. Although every application is unique , we have strong experience in the industry and our advisors are well trained to guide you through this process and make it as seamless as possible.

You may be eligible for options to move over your existing mortgage to another property. Our agents will guide you through that process.

Yes, we understand that life happens and there are things sometimes that are beyond our control. Good news is that there are multiple lenders that we have access to that will work with clients with past credit issues. Our objective is to help you get back on track and turn a past negative to a positive.

We finance any properties within Canada. If you are looking to purchase property outside of Canada speak to a loan officer

Fixed rates remain constant throughout the whole mortgage term, the interest rate and monthly payment will remain the same. Variable rate mortgage interest rates can fluctuate and the monthly payment may also change as interest rates rise or fall.

There are alot of factors to consider when it comes to deciding on a rate and term, our agents will guide you through the process depending on your specific scenario.

Some lenders allow for pre payment options such as lump sum payment amounts to a certain amount or increased regular payments without causing any penalties. If flexible payment terms are important to you let our agents know and they will go through the best options for your scenario.

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